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We manufacture 4pole, 2pole, 6pole switches suitable to 50/60 cycles, the products are made as per customer drawings, we mainly deal in crompton type switches, oc switch P type, Start and run type, flame proof motor type.

We use contact material of reputed source to ensure trouble free service and long life. Springs of known load are used to ensure the cut off RPM.

Centrifugal switches are used only for single phase AC motors. Earlier they were used only for fractional horse power motors, now it is used upto 5HP motors our switch is used upto 2HP motors.. World over some or other kind of electromechanical arrangement is used. In last 10 years we have produced more than 1000000 switches and are in use in some part of the World.

Most common use of centrifugal switches is within single-phase, split-phase induction motors. Here, the switch is used to disconnect the starting winding of the motor once the motor approaches its normal operating speed. In this case, the centrifugal switch consists of weights mounted to the shaft of the motor and held near the shaft by spring force. At rest, levers attached to the weights press a low-friction, non-conductive plate against a set of electrical contacts mounted to the motor housing, closing the contacts and connecting the starting winding to the power source. When the motor approaches its normal operating speed, centrifugal force overcomes the spring force and the weights swing out, raising the plate away from the electrical contacts. This allows the contacts to open and disconnects the starting winding from the power source; the motor then continues operating solely using its running winding. Motors using such a centrifugal switch make a distinct clicking noise when starting and stopping as the centrifugal switch opens and closes.

A variation of the centrifugal switch used a changeover contact to ensure that the auxiliary windings remain in the circuit through a running capacitor. These motors are called two-value or capacitor start capacitor run motors.

Centrifugal Switches

Centrifugal switches are known to be the heart of induction motor and its cutoff RPM is very crucial for operational efficiencies. We at Pragati Switchgears ensure that the switches work as desired by the customer as we believe that your success and satisfaction are keys to our business growth.

Work of OC switch is ensured by selecting right material for optimal performance.
We have developed switches   as per customer requirement.
We also manufacture various types of Terminal Bases and Terminal blocks to suite the customer choice.
We have a fabrication unit as well where we utilise CO2 welding for producing capacitor clamps and capacitor boxes as per customer demand ( put boxes and clamp photos).

Different types of Centrifugal Switches

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Different types of OC Switches

Terminal Base

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